Moto-k - sztyft zaprawkowy

Naprawa lakieru - pędzelek

Repairing larger varnish losses

By unscrewing the cap, we have a brush at our disposal, which can be used to repair larger defects, abrasions, traces of stone impact etc.

Naprawa lakieru - rapidograf

Repair of minor scratches

After removing the tip we have a rapidograph to repair thin scratches. The paint comes out after squeezing the bottle.

What do we offer in B2B cooperation?

  • Pallette of 60 colors ready for shipment.
  • Practical display for 90 pieces of touch-ups
  • Blister packing option (1 unit), display for 10 blisters
  • Possibility to produce any color (MOQ 50 pcs).
  • Possibility to produce under Your brand!

Chceck a compatibility of our colors with Your lacquer. Our database is still being developed.
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